Sunday, May 6, 2012

T.Minus 15 Days

Its after midnight so its officially 15 days till closing day!

I had a rough Friday and Saturday. I had a migraine and we completed our adoption training, (try sitting through/paying attention to 8 hours of training with a migraine. yeah.).

So obviously.I'm thrilled we're done with training- we're that much closer to bringing home Rosie, but I definitely got discouraged this weekend.

Our journey to Sweetpea was ridiculously easy. If you are familiar with the process at all you'd be shocked at how easy it all went.

Well, I think I psyched myself out, dreaming that Briar Rose would be as easy as Sweetpea. Now it could go as smoothly- IF God chooses it to- but logic, statistics, etc would say otherwise.

And that's not even mentioning us losing our child to reunification. Yeah. Not even going there.

Nor does that include worrying about Briar Rise's transition, attachment, how Sweetpea responds, etc...

Y'all, I'm JUST talking about Sweetpea's super quick/easy process.

I know what's coming on all fronts- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not to mention the paper work. Ooh the paper work.

Foster parents everywhere just threw up in their mouths a little.

Prayers are greatly appreciated! The enemy is trying to tear this mama down! He won't win, but I don't want to grow weary either. :)

Over the years while waiting to begin the adoption process, I've decorated/redecorated the nursery. It helps for sure! :)

Well, this time- I get to decorate our whole house in 15 days!! Not to mention a new nursery!

I just ordered countless yards of fabric, (fabric for curtains in every room of the house minus the master and playroom!), and get this...

I just ordered TWO matching cribs!!!

If that doesn't shake my discouragement I don't know what will!

15 days. A brand new home. A blank canvas for me to decorate. A fresh nursery with Sweetpea in one crib and the promise of Briar Rose in the second.

I'd say that's just what this mama needs to get through this, (you know, besides massive amounts of prayer!). :)

(here is a pic of our whole family on a walk- 10 points if you know where Bolt is! Sweetpea and I holding hands as I said the other day. :) Pretty soon we'll be trading in that jogger for a double!) :)


  1. Yay for the new house closing!! And praying for the process of Briar to go smoother! hugs.

    P.S. I sent you an email yesterday, not sure if u got it. But I recieved my necklace and it is way more than I expected. You Rock!! It's amazing! I looooove it. Thank you!!

  2. Totally know where Bolt is... in the storage compartment thingy!

    So excited for you!!! I want to see a pic of the fabric when it come is and of course the cribs too :)

    The road to great things can be long and weary but God will bring you to the point you need to get to in His timing. Trust in His plan for you and the fam. I know you do and I also know how strong the enemy can be at times.

    Focus on the truth!!