Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thundering Thursday

Last year Houston experienced a significant drought.

It its no where near the drought we're experiencing here. Its been like 3 years since we've received rain on a regular basis, (something like that).

Well, today its raining, and thundering, but mostly raining.

I'm the happiest mama in town- its 11:30 and Sweetpea is still out! I got to sleep till 10:30!

The only people who are happier than I am are the farmers who actually NEED the rain. Seriously, on Sunday there was prayer for the rain for the farmers. When there is a drought here it affects more than the lawns!

I love living in a small town! Speaking of which, a local Italian restaurant opened yesterday and we tried it out! I love our small town, and I love supporting small business! Here are some sweet pics of Sweetpea at that restaurant. :)

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  1. No more Mickey Mouse so I guess she's feeling better now. Yay!!