Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lady in Red

Cinderella here, reporting to you live from my local library.  In 19 days we will close on our house.  I a little over 19 days I will be back to blogging from the comfort of my own bed house. :)

NEWS FLASH. This just in. Ok, so I made a funny "reporting" my goings on. BUT would you beleive it that I was just interviewed for our local news?! How ironic is that?!  Ok, so its not as glamourous as it sounds- the AC is out at the library and I was asked to say how I felt about it. LOL  Small town news, people! HA!

As I said yesterday, I was inspired by Avery's Bucket List to create Annie's Aspirations.

We were able to "star" two aspirations yesterday, (I cross out ones that have been completed, and star the recurring ones each time they are done).

I bought Sweetpea this outfit because it resembled Little Orphan Annie's red dress.  My mom bought her an antique Annie doll to celebrate her adoption. When I found this dress I knew it would be perfect to do a photoshoot!

Little did I realize that it also, (even more so), resembled Minnie Mouse's red dress. When we went to Houston last month, my mom took Sweetpea on a "shopping spree" at the Disney store.  Two of the things she bought her were the red Mickey and Minnie. I knew these needed to be added to her shoot as well! 

I bought her red roses to go with the shoot.  Also, I bought wall paper that I had thought was pink.  Well, it is red. I painted half of it, and have not finished it.  Well, I am so glad I did not!  It made for a great back drop for this photoshoot!

There are a lot of pics, but all of them are oh so worth it! Without any further adieu:
She stopped to pray for her "Annie doll." :)  She is very thankful, and thanks God all day, for everything!  Great lesson from my tiny angel!
Notice my pink paintwork behind us?  We will not be taking this with us to the new house. *sigh* Oh, and my mom also bought me the Minnie shirt I am wearing during the shopping spree. :)
She was used to blowing Dandelions, so when she smells flowers she blows them! lol
She hugs and kisses everything!
It's a crime that this is out of focus!
She asked that Bolt join her in the shoot...
Giving him hugs- she loves him!!

Two aspirations starred:

8. Do a fancy (or at least deliberate) photo shoot once a month *

9. Go to the store and pick out flowers for those photo shoots  *