Friday, December 13, 2013

4th Birthday Preview

We were in Dallas for Carousel's birthday because of Drs appointments, (good news below). I will be posting all the fun details (with tons of pics of course) starting Monday. :) For now a preview:
Carousel had to see Urology and her Orthopedic Surgeon.
Urology: Kidneys and everything else are still PERFECT! Praise Jesus! However she still has a teeny tiny bladder. While some tests show she may potty train, this shows she will not. She will have to catheterize for life. Her Dr talked about starting when she was 5 because of school. However, I asked if we could wait until she is asking to start (and since I will homeschool she won't have school as the excuse). As of right now, she is not the least bit embarrassed to be in diapers and I am in no rush to get her out of them. He said that is no problem, and eventually she will become embarrassed and we can start cathing then. :)
Bowel program: in October we were told to start a bowel regimen and I waited to talk to her urologist. Bummer (for me lol) is that he says we DO need to start this. We will start in the new year once Carousel is in her own room and then we can establish a good routine. I have been spoiled since day one with her- we have never had to have a routine. Now at 4 we have to start- this spoiled mommy is not excited! lol
Orthopedic Surgeon: He said once again, that if it isn't broke, don't fix it! As long as she doesn't develop callouses or it affects her mobility, we won't pursue surgery on her left foot. (Fine with me!!) Also, they were very impressed with her mobility! :)

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