Tuesday, December 31, 2013


A tale of three midnights:
Midnight, Last Night
I told Carousel last night that tomorrow night she would be in her own bed. Well, she decided she wanted to last night, at midnight. Hey, if she wants it, DO IT.
Earlier we did a shoot of Carousel and Bristol in their matching PJs. We wouldn't let her wear them unless they were sleeping in her room:

She was so excited to be in her room...
 (stinker wouldn't look at the camera)
 Bristol in her crib surrounded by her elephants, and cuddling with her favorite elephant, Emma Kate.
 Carousel cuddling with her elephant, Dumbo. So happy...
THEN she asked if I was staying with her.
It hit the fan, y'all!
She threw her first tantrum, ever. Tex wanted to throw in the towel. I did at first too when she started screaming...but when I checked on her and saw it was a tantrum and not distress I said, "forget this. I will not allow her to get her way after a tantrum." :)
She cried it out in 5 minutes, and spent the next 5-10 minutes calling out meekly, "Mom. Mom. Mom."
We all survived, and we will see how it goes tonight! lol
It's Midnight, Cinderella
{ten points if you get that title reference}
To celebrate our success, we did a Cinderella photoshoot with her life size Cinderella and Cinderella wig, (both Christmas gifts from Nana Nell).

 Carousel in costume, holding Bristol in costume. Carousel's first build a bear, Cinderelly. Life size Cinderella holding Cinderella's Princess Palace Pet, Pumpkin. :)

 Then she wanted to eat breakfast with her fellow Cinderellas. (and yes, Carousel's high chair has a baby doll high chair attached to it.) :)
 She wanted to use a fork to eat her bagel, lol, and I found her Cinderella fork. :)
 Then the 3 Cinderellas retired to my room to watch, you guessed it, Cinderella. (Carousel refused to smile).
And for your pleasure, here is a picture of Carousel in late October 2012 in another Cinderella costume photoshoot. :)

Midnight, Tonight
Unless you are living under a rock, you know tonight is New Year's.  I am torn. January-July 2013 felt to go at normal speed. But August-December FLEW BY. Way too fast! So, I am kinda sad to see 2013 end. Kinda.
I am so looking forward to 2014:
  • I will be seeing a specialist to get to the bottom of why I feel so badly, and Lord willing, I will feel better for good!
  • I will finish cleaning my house in January and keep it clean from then on out! (I already got a really good head start over the last few days) :)
  • I will keep losing weight. Once I lose 40 pounds I will begin running again, and begin training for...
  • I will run a half marathon in Boston in October 2014
  • We will become foster parents!
  • I will {finally} launch my non-profit!
  • I will blog everyday here and keep up with my other blog, The Belle of Boston.
  • I will begin homeschooling Carousel :)
(I don't make new year's resolutions...these were my plans for the year to begin with.)
I will be beginning 2014 with a few catch up posts from Christmas. :) Check back soon. :)

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