Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Showoff 2013

This took me HOURS to upload, so enjoy! lol (pictures below)
A few notes- we only started in November, but we traveled a few times, it snowed twice and we were out a week for illness. She only practiced the cheer (seen first) once. She never practiced the first dance, but did pretty well- she does zone out at one point but at least she keeps on dancing. lol And her last dance she practiced twice (notice everyone was bending their knees, but she can't... so she made them bend in the slightest way she can). The "first position" song was practiced maybe 3 times in class, so I am surprised she knew it so well. Like any other 4 year old, she held back her performance, but she still did pretty well. :) And if you are wondering, she can walk with braces and a walker and uses them in dance sometimes, but today she used her wheelchair exclusively. (oh and she can do the forward roll all by herself, but they helped her- its ok. lol)
I didn't get to edit the video, but it is only 10 minutes...

Started the day off as usual with a photo shoot:

 Notice it is out of focus? My shutter is dying!! UGH! So sad!

 Carousel with Santa. *We don't do Santa, BUT Carousel knows who he is because he is everywhere this time of year, so she knows his face. Meeting him is like meeting the princesses at Disney. She does not think he is real and does not think he travels around the world/brings presents. (but he is one cute Santa!) :)
First up- Carousel's special needs cheer squad, (a small portion of them). Their first competition is in January! eek!
 darn shutter again...
 mid forward roll
Dance number one (zero practice!)

 Can you see her smile? Just wait...
 Having a blast!

Dance 2 (practiced twice):

 Everyone was bending their knees, but she can't... so she made them bend in the slightest way she can. :)



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