Monday, December 16, 2013

4th Birthday

Carousel had a mini recital yesterday- check it out here
We chose to not do a birthday party for Carousel this year. We had a DRs appointment on her birthday and 2 days later so we were stuck in Dallas. That and not having a ton of friends as of now, well it was best to just not spend the time and money on a party. Instead we took her to American Girl and let her get a Bitty Baby, (see post tomorrow). :)
Before we left for Dallas we were about to do our normal photo shoot, (Carousel on her 4th birthday in her Doc McStuffins costume)...
 But then I slipped in the ice. While holding Carousel. It was a nightmare come true. Thankfully I am the only one who sustained injuries, (a large scrape and even larger bruise on my knee).  She was crying but still wanted to take pictures- that's my girl! :)
This was the best we could get after our traumatic experience.
 At the hospital, we found a pink and purple Christmas tree. Just like Doc McStuffins:

After her ultrasound, (still perfect kidneys! Praise Jesus!).

 She is really starting to pose :)
 pure joy
Waiting to talk to Dr. G, (we LOVE him!!).

 Carousel found this Santa and requested a picture. She only knows him as a character she sees in a few movies and at the stores this time of year. We will never "do" Santa, but I am not against her wanting a picture with this random character who has no more meaning than say a character at Disney. (well the characters at Disney mean a whole lot more to us than Santa, but you know what I mean). lol
Little Girl, Big Dreams

Her grandpa made her cake:

 so fitting that "A for Annie" was the last letter standing ;)

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