Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Farewell Novemeber Shoot

I interrupt this regularly scheduled post to share with y'all what is one of our favorite pictures of Carousel of all time. She has many smiles below, but this is a very natural smile and actually a natural pose- she is a model I tell ya. I just need to crop a bit and blow it up! :)
Ok, back to the post...
I hope y'all enjoyed that picture, because there are plenty more where that came from. :)
You will notice she is not wearing her glasses...she broke them in half. ugh.
I had planned on doing to quick, tiny shoots both days just for posterity of her cute outfits, but the second day turned into a full blown shoot... (I need to crop/edit them all still...will do later):
Day 1:

 Definitely best pic of this shoot :)
Day 2...I grabbed my camera for a few shots, but she kept asking to take more pictures and kept coming up with new poses:

 Love this one! Needs to be blown up and framed too, (after cropping and maybe edits lol).
These next three are the series where I got the best pic ever! You will see the first pic and the third pic are great too, but the middle is most natural. :)

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  1. she is soooo very adorable! And pardon me for saying, but... looking a little bit more grown up these days. I hate when I notice that in photos of my boys! I love every second with them and don't want it to pass as fast as it it!!!!