Saturday, August 1, 2009


Camp was AWESOME as expected! :)

When I got home I had a OBGYN appointment to find out why I got 2 false positives. He said that since the tests sit in the warehouse in the heat that it is not impossible to make them mess up. I got an ultra sound so I know 100% that I am not pregnant. I have polysistic ovaries, so I am on meds to fix it. No, not help me to get pregnant, just to fix the problem.

For my birthday, (this coming Tuesday), my stepdad booked us girls a room in the woodlands, so I just got home from my AWESOME birthday weekend!!! Guess what they bought me....

On the left is my sister's new dog Sammie, and on the right is Charlotte!

Charlotte is a 2 month old Lhaso Apso. ♥ Jersey is jealous- he will get over it! lol


  1. those are really cute puppies. i lost my pet cat yesterday and still feeling sad. You have a beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing those bible passage ( 1 john 2:15-17 and 1 Peter 5:7) its very inspirational. keep it up. godbless. : )

  2. Charlotte and Jersey... It has a nice ring to it. She's so cute!