Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Where do I begin? Whew, I am exhausted!

I have been meaning to post for days, but have been too busy/tired.

Before I get started, I have a MAJOR Praise report! One of my very good friends, Erin, recently accepted Christ as her Savior, and this past Sunday got baptized! I was blessed to attend! I am so excited to have her as a Sister!

Now back to business... here is how it all went down...

Saturday I went out to run errands- 2 hours tops I told my hubs- I returned 5 hours later. This was not a fun shopping trip to say the least. Half way through I had to get Starbucks because I was about to pass out from low blood sugar, (BTW, don't say, "aww poor baby" sarcastically as I am sure you already did. lol I really am not a fan of Starbucks and would have much rather wasted my money and caloric intake on something better, but oh well. lol). Anyway, on my way out I decided, on a whim, to buy Meet the Robinsons. I had seen it once babysitting, (meaning I had not given it my full attention). The whole way home I was wondering if it was an impulse buy that I would regret. NO WAY! Paul and I cried numerous times, and it is a must own if you adopt your children! While I was watching it I made scripture art for kid's room. Well, one of them took me the whole movie, and so I watched it again to finish the second one. :) Darn, right? :)
Scripture for the cow room, (obviously, lol)

For the bird room! :)

Sunday I went to see Erin get baptized, then when I got home at began painting the bird room. I painted two walls brown, and two walls were left plain. They will be pink, but if for some reason we get a boy, I didn't want to have to repaint, so I am waiting. :) Late that night I kicked the gallon of paint spilling half of it onto our brand new carpet...
My sweet hubs half way through the clean up. I told him to show how big it was with his hands, but the flash picked up the water so you can see it for yourself! lol
The saddest victim of all... the carpet recovered...this little birdie may be forever changed by the incident.
Flash makes this hard to see, but either way- can you tell a difference? Barely? Me too. :/
Can you see the difference better here?
Painted with two new members of the bird room...
The new clock...
Close up, without flash so a little fuzzy.

Monday I painted the cow room, and today I hung everything up. Here is my helper:
How cute is that? :)
Panoramic view of the finished product. :) Well, ALMOST finished product. I will be adding white picket fence from the floor to where you would put a chair rail. I CAN'T WAIT!!! :)
One view- this looks 10 times better in person- pics do no justice!
Closet view
The other two walls were painted the same brown as the bird room. Can you tell the difference in color?
Another view... out to the hallway...
This will not be here forever, just until I get the furiture to put these things away/on display.

No flash to avoid glare.... Mommy, Aunt Tracie and (her/his second) Cousin Lauren swinging at the Creek. Mommy is wearing cow clothes, and it is in a cow frame, (one of my favorites of us for sure)!
Recognize these from the Chick-fil-a kids meal? My mom and I had so much fun collecting them! She gave me money one day to go up and buy 10 cows. We had fun opening them all to see if they were new ones or ones we already had. I have 14 of the 20, and about 15 duplicates too. Out of those 29, I did not get ONE of the golden cows. Hmmm. lol

As I was writing this, my aunt sent me this pic of my brother and me from his graduation. Yesterday was his first day of COLLEGE! I can't believe it!
Love it! (Except for the vein in my forehead and neck- what's up with that? lol) Thanks KK!

Nothing new to report on the adoption or the book. Please keep the adoption process in your prayers, and you will be the first to know when there is something to know! :)


  1. We have a golden cow... SOMEWHERE. It's yours if you want it! Lots of hardwork this week... looks great!

  2. Love, love, love the cow room! The cows on the hills with the blue sky is absolutely adorable! You are so creative!

  3. I really love what you did in the rooms. I pray that they will be filled with little peoples laughter, and pitter, patter of little feet.

  4. Oh my gosh! I love the rooms!!!