Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please Keep Praying!

UPDATE: TODAY (AUG 28) AT NOON CENTRAL TIME, LUKE WILL BE BORN. PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! THANKS ♥ Paul and I will be in Kemah enjoying a mini-babymoon, but I will keep you updated on here from my phone. The updates will have no post title or pictures, and they will only be about a sentence long- be sure to check back for updates! Keep on praying! :)

Update from Mary's sister, Kristin:

Mary is in the hospital and will not come home until the baby is delivered. She is 30 weeks now. Her water broke, her fluid level is not good but not at an extremely dangerous level. So, if she can keep from getting dilated or loosing any more fluid, she will stay put until he is born. Some people have stayed in this situation for a month but her doctor said that normally when your water brakes the likely hood is that the baby will be born within a week. For now, she has to wait day by day to see what will happen. She is very uncomfortable and is having back labor pains.

They are giving her steroids to develop the babies lungs and each shot increases his chances of being better off. She gets the second dose today at 5:00. She is very upset about not being able to care for Andrew (I year old) at this time. You could be praying for Mary – remain in stable, healthy condition as well as her emotional/spiritual state now and in the future. New baby Luke – remain in his mother’s womb and to be strong and healthy at delivery. Andrew to be cared for and not too distressed over his mommy being gone or unable to hold him. My mom, Paula that she will be physically, mentally , and spiritually strong to care for Andrew. The whole family – all grandparents and siblings to be supportive of Mary and Joe at this time.

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