Monday, August 31, 2009

Adoption Update

It looks like "our girls" got adopted! Yea for them and their forever family, :/ for us. BUT the week before they got adopted, I found another sibling group. Here is what happened: "Babe! I just found another group we could adopt if we don't get our girls. Their names are ________ and they are ________ and they happen to be THE MOST adorable kids I have ever seen!" (Seriously, they are so cute it is unbelievable)!

So anyway, I wanted them the moment I saw them. Unfortunately in the adoption "game" you always have to keep your guard up. You are never guaranteed the kids until months into the process. Aren't we in the process? NO!!! We will be submitting the application tomorrow. Along with the 15 some odd page application, we have to photocopy our whole life, (marriage license, insurance, etc) and submit pictures of every room in the house. Joy. So yeah, we can't get too excited and in love with certain kiddos until all that is taken care of. BUT that doesn't stop me from praying for these kids and dreaming about them! :)

I REALLY wish I could put their picture on here to show y'all how cute the really are, but I don't know if that is allowed. Sorry, but I promise you are missing out! :) They are just the cutest!

I will post the pictures of our house tomorrow. I took SO MANY pictures of it being built, but not many of it decorated. :) Ok, so you have seen pictures of the master and kids' bedrooms, but that was about it. Tomorrow, you will see the whole shebang! (We are going to paint the living room, so that will change soon).

Till tomorrow! ♥ TK


  1. With the adoption agency that ya'll are going through; do you get to "pick" the kids or do the authorities match you up with the ones they think are the best fit for your family?? Just wondering because I learned a lot when my friends went through this process.

  2. aww! :( but at least you know someone is loving them. Good luck getting the application in!

  3. If you need any references, let us know! We think you would be great, for obvious reasons.