Monday, August 10, 2009

The Week of Charlotte

New pics of Charlotte:
Charlotte was obsessed with trying to eat/drink from Jersey's bowls. Stinker! :)
Paul called me over to see where Charlotte was. She had crawled in herself and fell asleep. Apparently this breed like to burrow. Obviously. lol

We have sold Charlotte. I put an ad out online on a whim. For the price I asked for her I thought no one would bite. Well, within 2 hours, I got the full asking price offered! I couldn't say no! The buyer has had Lhasas for the last 30 years, and was sad that he just had to put his to sleep a week ago. Actually pretty cool story: at the exact hour, (give or take some minutes of course), he was putting his baby to sleep, we bought Charlotte. It is like they were meant to be!

Why did we sell her in the first place? Well, I was very appreciative for my gift of Charlotte, and very excited to have her in our family. The problems started, as y'all know, with Jersey. He hated her! I have to say that he was getting a little better, but he was still not himself. Now that she is gone, he is 100% happy again! I almost forgot what that was like! Anyway, Jersey is spoiled but not THAT spoiled! When we have kids, he might feel the same way, but we WILL NOT send them back! :) Sorry, Jerz! ;) He was PART of the reason for selling. You see, I started running numbers and I realized that she was going to be expensive. Real expensive. Ok, I am not stupid- I KNEW THAT WHEN I GOT HER. It is just that I didn't realize HOW expensive! We are about to start a family, and the money I would have to spend on her yearly could be spent in a much better way! So, we were not sold on selling her or anything, but I decided to put it out on the web just to see. I had a certain price in mind, and I had low hopes for a. meeting that price, and b. any interest at all. There are so many dogs for sale, ya know. I really thought, we will try it, and once it fails we will be one big happy family. Well, as you know, I got a bite within the first 2 hours. I was shocked! It really worked out for the best. We are great doggie parents, but she is in a GREAT home and will get LOTS of love! :) For the money I got for her, I was able to buy two expensive items that we have REALLY needed! Charlotte was a huge blessing in many ways! :) I hated to see her go, but it was for the best.

In other news:


The process will take 3 months, and after that we will just have to wait for a match. SOMETIMES, they already have matched you by the time you get through the process. We are praying for that! We could be parents in 3 MONTHS!!!!!!!! Pray for this time please! We are soooooooo thrilled!!!

In fun baby news, we will be adopting from Africa in about 3 years, (once we save up the money- very very costly). If I could have my way, I would want to be able to adopt twin boys right now,
(in Jan we had a shot at adopting some, but they have been adopted into a wonderful family- Praise the Lord- I still have a place in my heart for twin boys though!). I have already started planning the nursery, but I want to save that for when I get my baby from Africa, (I would like a girl, but of course I will happy no matter what). :) SO, if I get my way with the twins, or with a boy in general here is what I plan for his/their room:


Found these pillow on Etsy, and here is my thought. On the left bed have the left pillow and on the right bed have the right pillow, (this is if I get the twins of course). If no twins, I still want these pillows!!! :)

Fabric!!!!!!!!! Bedding, curtains, you name it. This is not the only style, but just to give you an idea. See why I want this for a boys room? :)

For the walls:

Wall side 1:

3 foot poster 1
3 foot poster 2...
on the other wall I would have this 5 FOOT Larry wall decal, (he will be free standing, without the orange thingy seen above)...

And who can have Larry without Bob? This vinyl is 2.5 feet tall- since Bob is much shorter than Larry. How cute are they? :) (Obviously will be without the green background as well). :)

SOOOOOOOO excited for whomever God has planned for us! Please be in pray over these next few months with us! Thank you for sharing in this journey! :)

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