Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So many people my age are getting married and having babies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at the pictures of both events! :) In looking though, it makes me so thankful that God has blessed me with such an amazing husband! (The reason I am writing this blog is because what I mentioned above- because I was looking at all the pictures- BUT I JUST realized that tomorrow is his 29th birthday, so I guess this will kill two birds with one stone. ;) Tomorrow he will turn 29, (oh my!), and Friday will be exactly 3 years to the day since her popped the question! ♥)

Back to the post... I had a list of what I expected in my future husband, and I was told I would never find that in a man-my expectations were too high. Well, Paul EXCEEDED those expectations 100 fold and I am just so blessed to be called his wife.

Our children are going to be so blessed to have him as their Daddy! It was really cute... the other day, we watched Abby and usually I do all the work when we babysit. However, this was the first time we babysat since we officially began the adoption process. He jumped in and was sooo hands on with her! It was really cute because I know in his mind he was preparing himself for the future, (not to mention Abby is so cute- she is just irresistible! You could be in a terrible mood, but you would HAVE to be around her, she is so much fun)!

Anyway, Paul and I are ready to be parents, but we still put each other first. I look forward to being a Mommy, but I really look forward to having Daddy by my side through it all! :)

4♥09 2 years of wedded bliss, and 3 years of bliss in general! :)

Happy Birthday Honey! I love you more than you will ever know!

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