Saturday, March 20, 2010

Book Signing and Selling

I babysat last week and litearlly had NO TIME to get online. I missed y'all- hopefully you missed me too! lol

You can order my book online by clicking here!!!

Today was my book signing!

Mr. Incredible and I. ♥ He doubled as the photog. :)
My littlest "fans," aka some of my most favorite kiddos in the whole world! {I wish Ryan could have been there. If he and Andrew were in this shot, I could call them the 7 dwarfs} lol
Like my new do? :)
It was pretty cool seeing my name on a bar code. ;)


  1. Tricia! Congrats! Love your outfit! And your hair looks super cute!

  2. I found your blog while blog looking at work today (can you tell how busy I am!?)

    I love your blog and this is SO COOL!!!!! Congratulations!