Monday, March 29, 2010

How to cure the blues?

UP? Check
The Princess and the Frog? Check
Fever Pitch? Check {Boston soon!!!! YEA!!!}
Oreos? Check
Bolt in lap? Check

I am spending my day vegging out to clear up my cloudy days. Why were they cloudy in the first place? Let me show you:

On Friday I babysat for my friend, Stacy and we had a blast! Ava was so adorable and so much fun! How is this a cloud?
Ava and Bolt- BFFs! :)

Here is a little cloud number one. I knew Ava was coming over. I was so excited for her to come and hang out with Bolt and enjoy the playroom,etc. Well, since our house in brand new, we had a year for warranty stuff. Well, there were lines on our ceiling- nothing structural, but needed to be fixed none the less. Months ago we began this fiasco. They have been out to our house at least 3 times already- still not fixed. So, on Friday they came over to fix it again. This time the WRAPPED our WHOLE house in PLASTIC! Like THE WHOLE HOUSE. We couldn't get to the kitchen, the playroom, or the kids' rooms and bathroom. They were supposed to come over at 8 am, didn't come till 10. They left at 3!!! UGH!!! Leaving us this:
How do you entertain a guest with a house like this? UGH!!! {notice how you can't open the fridge} Well, they were supposed to come back to fix it on Saturday- no show. By Saturday night I had about lost my mind. We HAD TO LIVE LIKE THIS!!! UGH! Oh, and did I mention we couldn't get to the back yard? In order to take Bolt outside, we had to walk through the front yard around to the backyard. UGH. Anyway, Sunday, they came out for a few hours. Took away the plastic, but it is still not finished. Right now my house is all disheveled and I can't really fix it cause they will be back to paint EVENTUALLY. ugh.

Cloud 2: I had what I would call a minor anxiety attack on Friday night. Ava wanted me to sleep in the same room with her- no prob. I took the bottom bunk and we had a sleepover in the cow room. I guess it was the stress over all the plastic or something. Also, the cow room was filled with furniture etc because of the plastic. Imagine how hard it would be for Ava to go potty in the middle of the night if she needed to. yeah, fun. So, I was laying in the bottom bunk, so tired and ready to go to sleep- and it hit. My heart rate was up and my breathing was a little weird. joy. How do you sleep with that?

Cloud 3: The "anxiety attack" feeling lasted through Sunday- hence my vegg day today. I need to get my breathing chilled.

Cloud 4: all the other clouds are white and fleeting, but this one is black and here to stay... until the adoption process is completed:


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  2. Lemonade? Check

    Cheers to you too! :)