Sunday, March 14, 2010

Moster Mash

I haven't posted in the last few days because I have been quite busy. This week I get to babysit two of the most precious boys on the planet! This will be great practice for us!

We only have 3 more classes, then our home studies and we will be ready to get kids! Wahoo!!!

I was shopping at Target and saw the cutest stuff for a kids' bathroom. Below is what the bathroom used to look like:

I had bought all of this with the intention of putting it in our half bath one day. Well, this house does not have a half bath. Instead of boxing it all up for years, I decided to use it until we had kids and then box it up till we one day had a half bath. So when I saw the cute stuff at Target, I wrestled back and forth about redoing the bathroom. I decided to do it now so the kids could enjoy it, and when we get our kids- they can enjoy it too. :)

Tada! Much more kid friendly! The only two really fun rooms are the playroom and this bathroom. The bed rooms are fun, but more classy than these rooms. :)

I can't believe I didn't get a shot of the shower curtain. You will have to settle for the reflection in the mirror. :) Cute huh? :)
The toothbrush monster. (He held my paintbrush for me) :)

Rinse Monster and Soap Monster. Notice that the soap monster can be changed into different combinations. :)
Trash Monster. Also, all I did to the walls was I added the circle wall deacls, and here I painted multi colored dots to the already pink stripes. It looks fun and it saved me a TON of work. :)
Aren't those the cutest bath rugs ever!?! Also, there is a bit of the curtain as well.
I couldn't resist adding the "eyes" above the medicine cabinet.
The Towel Monster

The bathroom is fun, and unisex- something the other bathroom was neither. :)

The boys will be staying in the cow room. Notice the changes? :) Ready for move in! ;)

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  1. I know the boys LOVED their time there and told me personally "we like miss twisha's bathwrum betah"