Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pioneer Woman

This morning Bolt ;) BEGGED to go outside! I wanted to sleep, but alas, Bolt won as usual. I always let him out and then watch him from the window inside.

As I was looking out, I saw a Mocking Bird digging in the grass getting a worm. Hey, that's pretty cool- I have never seen a bird actually getting a worm before. The Discovery Channel fan in me kicked in and I sat and watched that little guy work really really hard. Then I started to notice that the worm looked a little too big to be a worm- it HAS to be a baby snake.

Curiosity took over and I had to get a closer look. I knew I would probably cost the little guy his lunch, but I couldn't help myself. As I walked out, the birdie flew away as expected. I walked closer and I stomped as I walked- just in case. Finally I saw him. Well, with my little angel Bolt walking the grounds, I had to protect him.

I picked up a little sprinkler and tried to hit it with the stake end of it. It coiled up, struck at me quite a few times. Yikes! So I picked up Bolt, and turned the sprinkler around and began beating it.

When I was a little girl, I would dig and pray that I could find a Garter snake. They never bit me or even struck at me. So I ask if this guy was a Garter or something worse.

I called Mr. Incredible to fill him in. We live on a lake, so ever since we moved in I have been worried about snakes. This little guy is the first. He thinks it could have been a Copper head or some other scary snake- but he hasn't seen the pic yet, so don't judge him on that.

Mr. Incredible had one question for me: did you brake the sprinkler? No honey, your son and I did NOT get bit thank you very much, but the sprinkler is OK. lol

After I took this pic, I threw it over the fence, and hopefully Mr. Mocking Bird can still have his lunch.


  1. oh yuck yuck yuck!! i HATE snakes! i would have screamed and ran back in the house!

  2. Tricia, did you seriously touch that?! I had recurring nightmares about snakes when I was little and now I am scared to death of them. You are quite brave if you did touch it!