Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ice Cream Therapy

We have to attend 8 training classes with our adoption agency, (as well as 4 other trainings, CPR, etc). Tonight's lesson: Sexual Abuse.

I could sit and watch a gory, murder movie all day long, and not get sick at all. The one thing that makes me sick- physically sick- is sexual abuse. I used to watch Law and Order and SVU would make me sick. Rape, child abuse- ugh.

When I worked at an elementary school, I knew a little boy who was sexually abused. He has so many issues in life- it is absolutely heart breaking.

To sit through a 2 hour class where the subject is sexual abuse- this will be torture.

My brain never stops, and I know that after this class I will not be able to get it out of my head. If I drank, after this class I would so have to go for a drink. But, since I don't drink- we will have to go for ice cream.

While you are praying for our children, also keep all the sweet kiddos that are hurting in your prayers too.

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