Thursday, September 9, 2010

God's Timing...

...How Sweet It Is.

Now why did I say, "How sweet it is?"

I am planning the kids' first birthday party. I feel like a copycat, but I HAVE to have a Candyland birthday party- have you seen the playroom?!? lol I will combine their birthdays and have it one day in December, (Lord willing of course). :) I have already come up with pretty cute ideas, I am already looking forward to their party! lol

I am really dying over here right now. Dying to hold my Sweetpea. Any day, any hour, any minute, I will get the call that she will be on her way here to her (Lord willing) permanent home. I can't stinkin wait!!!

Sweetpea Beauty, we already love you so much, and we can't wait to have you here with us!!!

You know, part of me wants to start a whole new blog and leave this one behind. Why you ask? Because in Dec of 2007 at its inception, I was already telling the blog world that we would be adopting soon. I cannot tell you how many times I have posted about the adoption process, and now here we are September 2010, and it is just now coming to fruition. It is kinda embarrassing cause y'all probably think I am one huge flake.

I am not, I assure you. It is hard to decipher what God's will is in our lives sometimes. However, I will not make a new blog. All those times that we were going to start the process and then didn't- they weren't a waste of time. You might think they were, but we know they were not.

God was growing us. Teaching us patience, teaching us to let go, teaching us that His time is perfect. There were so many little ones that we started to pursue, that ended up getting adopted- that was how we knew it was a closed door at the time.

Even recently, I have had some major roller coasters that I have skipped here on the blog.

I got a phone call from our agency and they said they had a sibling group of 3 for us- all blonde hair, blue eyes, all under the age of 4. Doesn't get more picture perfect than that, huh? Well, to us it wasn't- to the world it was. I agreed to meet them because we did not want to pass up an opportunity, but we were not 100%. Then I got word about Sweetpea Beauty. I almost passed her up because I felt like I was committed to the sibling group or something. Well, I shook that and I called about Sweetpea, and she was perfect!! She was just what we were waiting for- no settling there, ya know? So, I went and met her on a Tuesday. That Wednesday, I got the call for the sibling group again to set up our meeting time. I had to TURN DOWN 3 CHILDREN. SO HARD! The next day was the day Mr. Incredible got to meet his little girl and we got to meet her lawyer. When I spoke with her CPS worker that day, she asked if I could take in a sibling group of a 2 year old and 2 month old. I had to SAY NO. AGAIN. SO, in 24 hours, I turned away 5 CHILDREN. You think it is hard passing up puppies on doggie adoption day at Petco? What about not giving an extra dollar to Chili's for St. Jude's? Yeah, try turning away 5 children in 24 hours. NOT EASY.

It had to be done. It was the right thing to do. Now we are getting out Sweetpea Beauty, and we just might get her "brother," too. Who knows: what if Woody and Buzz come back. If we have the 2 babies, it will be doable. If I took in all 7 children that I have recently heard about, I couldn't take in our boys too. 1. too many kiddos, 2. CPS only allows you so many kids per square foot, so technically I couldn't take in all 7 if I wanted to.

Also, both our (hopeful) babies have some special needs. Most kids out of foster care will have special needs of some kind, but ours do have some specific physical special needs. They will need more attention. They do no deserve to have to share attention with that many other children.

To sum it all up, being obedient to God is not always easy, but there are blessings that come along with it- even if it takes almost 3 years to see them. :)

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  1. Praying for your family!!! :-)

    I am already planning a candyland themed 1st Birthday for Olivia! So, if you do it first, I may be stealing some ideas! ;) Love your playroom!