Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Unnamed Son

Ok, so my son DOES have a name. He just does not have a BLOG name. Help please! Disney characters please. :)

***update: obviously, I have named him, Nemo.*** :)

I know I have not told you much about him, so I will take this time to do so. :)

When I first went to meet Sweetpea Beauty, I also met him. He was just so stinkin' cute. He also has a disability: he has Cerebral Palsy. This doesn't affect him very much except for a few things. One of which, it affects his crawl. He can't use his hands yet when he crawls, so he does an army crawl. Cutest thing ever!

Well, I left that day knowing I had just met my daughter, and I was oh so happy. But I couldn't shake that little face that kept popping in my head. I told Mr. Incredible about him. I told him how I couldn't shake him, and how I wanted to consider adopting him too. You see, at that time I had just turned down 5 children. So it wasn't as if I was just taking any child I could get. I knew he was special because I just couldn't get him off my mind. Well, as y'all in the blog world know, 2 days later Mr. Incredible got to meet his daughter, and the little boy. We both were now on the same page- we wanted him too!

Just meeting him a few times we knew we wanted him, but then something happened which sealed the deal. You see, they are a month apart, so we will basically have twins, both with special needs. This could be a scary thing for most parents. Well, we both couldn't get him off our mind, so we knew we had to have him. Their foster mom told us how much they loved each other. Ok, they are babies. How much can they really love each other? Well, one day Mr. Incredible was holding Sweetpea and I was playing with the little boy. I sat him up in front of them, and they just stared at each other. All of a sudden, Sweetpea just starts cracking up and kicking her legs like I have never seen her do before. It was the sweetest thing- we knew they HAD to be together.

Now, a 9 month old kicking her legs usually doesn't seem like any big thing. Well, Sweetpea Beauty has Spina Bifida. She is never supposed to walk. However, I was told that her therapists believe she will walk by what movement they have seen in her legs. Ok, cool. I had hope for her future, but not too much, ya know? When I hold her, I can feel some movement too, but nothing to significant. Well, when she was laughing at him, she was kicking her legs pretty high and hard. It was nothing short of miraculous! I truly do believe now that she may walk one day. If she doesn't, oh well. We will just have to make her wheelchair cute, and I think we can all agree that that won't be a task too difficult for her mommy to do. ;)

I told his foster mom we wanted him and she told the people she needed to tell. We got news that we get to have him as a foster son and we are praying it will turn to adoption. It is the same risk we took with Woody and Buzz, (except the chances of us getting him are much much higher). It is a risk we are more than willing to take. Since then, we have heard more and more things that are in our favor in regards to him. Please keep praying for him.

We will officially have Sweetpea Beauty by the end of October. I am not sure his time line, but of course I will blog about it as soon as I know anything! :)

So now you know a little bit more about our "unnamed" son. Can you help me blog name him please? :)

Ok, so I JUST remembered that I had picked Lighting McQueen as his blog name. If you can think of others, still send them my way. :)

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