Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

You're only a day away! {In honor of our little Annie} ;)

Eesh! Tomorrow is a very important day for us Keierlebers. I am starting to get anxious! Our 2 babies go to court. One is just a normal, "see what is going on" court day, and the other is Sweetpea's TERMINATION hearing! This is HUGE!!! Please please please PRAY for termination! Also be praying for her "brother's" hearing as well. This could be a big day for him as well, depending on certain things which I cannot share here.

Tomorrow also happens to be Buzz's birthday. I won't say how old, to help protect his identity. I pray that he will be celebrated tomorrow, and that he will feel loved. I had planned birthday parties for him and Woody, I just hope that they can still have fun birthdays where they are now.

I am just bum bum bummin! I want my babies home with me now!!! I want to at least go visit them everyday, but I do not want to be a burden on their foster mom. I REALLY want to go right now, but I know her schedule, and Tuesdays are not good days to visit. :/
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  1. If they grant termination on Sweet Pea do you get to take her home right away? What about her brother...is that looking like a go? You can message me if you want :)