Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Annie's Aspirations: Photoshoot

As part of Annie's Aspirations, I vowed to do fancy, (or at least deliberate), monthly photoshoots.  I also vowed to buy her flowers for those photoshoots, (I tell Paul not to buy me flowers cause I think it is a waste of money, but for Annie- who loves flowers- it is worth it once a month). :) Today I did her July photoshoot, and I will post pics from her June photoshoot as well.  I did not have access to Internet via my computer in June.  The difference between the shoots is quite drastic considering in June it was the day we took her to the hospital- where they ended up shaving all of her hair off. :)

July Photoshoot
 Best I could get- first shot she said, "cheese." After that she was done.
 I have 30 pictures of her crying... the kid that never cries mind you.
 This is my favorite. :) Hey, she's looking at the camera. ;)

June Photoshoot
 Very excited about her flowers. :)
 In mid sentence :)
 Do you know how perfect this would be if she was looking at the camera?! Still love it. :)

 Hugging the flowers
 Kissing the flowers
 Admiring her flowers. I tell ya, normally they are a waste of money, but they are worth every penny for her. ♥
 This one is my favorite. :)

This one is from the shoot from today.  When we were done she said, "I want to take my picture." I turned it on and she took this one of herself.  Yep, she smiled. Turkey! And yes, that's snot dripping out of her nose. ;) ha!

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