Monday, July 30, 2012


My mommy super power has to be patience.  I am often surprised by how patient I am with Annie.  Now, like I have said many times, she is near perfect, so my patience may not have seem tested. Well, she is 2.5 and still has her days.  Luckily, when my patience is at it's lowest, I usually respond exasperated, not angry. And that barely lasts a second. I cannot stay upset with her, ever!

She has always been a champ sleeper. No matter what time I would put her down, she'd sleep for almost 12 hours.  So, if I put her down late, she'd sleep late= mommy getting to sleep late.

For the last week or two, regardless of what time I put her down, she is awake around 7:30 calling for Mommy. No matter how tired she is, no matter what time she went to sleep, she gets up. Now, I know for sure she is still sleepy cause she acts a little bratty, like right now as I type this.

Mommy's super hero patience does have a Kryptonite- a lack of sleep.  It is still strong, but it is weakened by her early morning wake up calls. ;)

If Annie continues this sleep pattern I will go to bed early to combat my Kryptonite, but what is best for Annie?

Do I just let this pattern continue, and let her take a longer nap midday...what about her bratty attitude because lack of sleep... I have already tried keeping her from napping and keeping her up late in hopes of making her tired enough, but she still gets up at 7:30. I think that she wakes up, realizes its morning, and decides she's rather be with mommy than sleep.  I have let her cry it out, but there is only so long for her to do that until you know that she is not going back to sleep because she is crying so much, ya know?  If I bring her in my room, we can sometimes go back to sleep until 9...

all Kryptonite kidding aside, she needs to sleep. She is obviously affected by her lack of sleep...

Help Mamas!


  1. I tell ya- I float in and out of this scenario myself! Bear just recently started to shove off naps which is usually fine except on days where he is soooo very grouchy by 4pm. For him we compromise with "siesta" time where he may quietly read books or play, but in his darkened, quiet room. Sometimes I lay with him too. More times than not when he is truly tired, he eventually passes out.

    NO true tip for you, but oh I know what you are talking about!!!!

  2. Sounds pretty normal to me. Mine are up at about 6:30 regardless of when they go to bed. So, I just make sure they have no more than a 1.5 to 2 hour nap and put them down by 8 every night. That way they are getting their sleep and I am able to have some of "my" time before I go to bed. Good Luck.

  3. Keeping Nater on a schedule helps so much. He goes down by 7-7:30 unless were at ht or on vacay. He also gets a morning nap and a nap in the afternoon if he starts to get fussy.

    You've got to start going to bed at a decent time also in case Annie doesn't sleep much.

    Lack of sleep is definitely one of the hardest things to deal with as a parent :)