Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mommy Test

Last night around 9, I heard Annie over the monitor. She never talks, cries, our makes a peep in bed.

Her voice grew louder, and I was finally able to make out, "I want to go see Mommy."

I knew better than to run in, and so I waited for her to cry.

I was so torn! I want her to know that when she calls Mommy, Mommy comes. But, I don't want her to become manipulative.

She repeated this heart wrenching phrase for over 45 minutes.

I even asked my Mom if there was a specific amount of time I should wait until finally relieving her.

But at the same time as that text, Annie must have fallen asleep.

Then at 8 am, "I want to go see Mommy." I think my days of sleeping late may be over. ;)

I passed this super hard test with flying colors. During the 45 minute test, Paul was surprised I lasted so long! I told him he was jealous, and that if she had been calling for daddy he couldn't have held out as long. ;)

It was a bittersweet test! Sweet because she was calling out for me, and so bitter because she was calling out for me for 45 minutes. (she took breaks, but it lasted 45 minutes as a whole).

I'm pleased to announce that not rushing to Annie last night did not cause her any distress or damage. Be strong Mamas! Remember, they are mini manipulators- don't give in unless it is absolutely necessary!

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  1. Nater says "Mama" is his crib a lot also. I wait for the tears. Then I know he really needs me.