Saturday, July 28, 2012


I found these Lobster via Pinterest, but I couldn't find the original place of origin. I looked because I wanted to buy the print to put it in my home. :)  *I added the starfish in photoshop. :)

According to Phoebe of FRIENDS, they mate for life. Later in the episode, she exclaims about Ross and Rachel, "See, he's her lobster!"

Definitely a favorite quote for fans!

While I was always a big FRIENDS fan, Paul was not.

BUT, out of nowhere when we first started dating, he said we were lobsters. *swoon*

 Yeah, pretty awesome! :)

There is a song called I Won't Give Up.  Follow the link and listen NOW.  Every married person should love this song! Very pro-marriage. :) I made it my ring tone, and every time I hear it it reminds me how important our marriage is!  We are lobster, mated for LIFE.  ps, Jason Mraz has a fabulous voice- wait till you hear him bring it in the second verse- wow! :)
"Ok, so you explained the lobsters but what about Annie being a starfish?"

Well, I wrote about The Legend of the Starfish before, and starfish are my symbol for Annie, Woody and Buzz, and other orphans we will help in our lifetime. :) While we have more than one starfish, we only have the absolute privilege of loving on one on an everyday basis.  Having that tiny starfish call me mommy everyday is the best feeling and a huge blessing!

God blessed me with a lobster and small starfish- I'm bursting with joy, gratitude, and humility that He chose to bless me so abundantly! Praise Jesus!

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