Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have always been a huge Crocs fan! I have often been told that Crocs should pay me for advertising- not because of my love expressed on this blog over the years, but because I am always wearing Crocs and singing their praises. :)

They are donating $5 for every pair of shoes purchased this week on to the Aurora Victim Relief Fund! Way to go Crocs! Want more good news on Aurora? Read this article!  God is way too amazing sometimes!

90% of my closet is Crocs.  I have the original, (ugly) Crocs, as I lovingly refer to them. :) I have flip flops and ballet flats. I have wedges that I can wear with dresses and boots I can wear in the winter, (some like uggs and some that are dressed up). I am so in love with this company! Their shoes are super comfortable and for what you are getting, (you know, a shoe that lasts!), the cost is fair!

While we were in Dallas for Annie's surgery, we ran into the Crocs store and they have super cute new shoes for summer! I wanted them all! You know, if you are not a huge Crocs fan, but you want to buy some shoes to support Aurora, my birthday is next week. ;) Here were a few of my newest favorites:

Sexi Aliana This color, (though I want the white ones too!), size 9 :)

A-Leigh Mini Wedge Leather I can't decide between these two colors! HELP! :) Size 9

Capri VI I have had a few pairs of these- as in I had the original Capri flip flops. :)  I need another pair- the ones I bought in 2009, (that have been worn pretty much everyday, year round), need to be replaced as an everyday flip flop. :) This color, size 9 :)

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