Sunday, April 21, 2013

Change of Plans for Boston

We've been planning a trip to Boston since December (well even earlier than that!), just the 3 of us, for mother's day weekend.

I'm the one who really wanted to go, Paul was more just along for the ride. From time to time he'd half joke about not going.

Well, one of my dearest friends suffered a terrible loss of her baby 6 weeks ago. I was telling her how she just needs to go somewhere, anywhere.

So when Paul made one of his half jokes again, I threw it out there to just let Brooke take his place.

He loved the idea! I was half joking, but when he gave the ok I was ecstatic! So now we're going to Boston as a girl's weekend! Ah! How often do you get a girl's weekend?

I can't wait to go to Boston!! So so so excited!

Also, please keep Brooke in your prayers as she suffers through this grief! It's easy to feel alone/forgotten in grief, so help carry her through this grief with your prayers, and if you're blessed enough to know her personally, make it a point to show her some love. :) If you'd like to leave a comment of sympathy on this post, I'm sure she'd love to read it, (even if y'all don't know each other!)

Boston, here we come!!

(the week prior to the trip we'll be in Houston-I want to see y'all! As many as possible! Seating is limited, book your visit time soon!) ;)


  1. So glad we got to visit for a bit today. I hope y'all have a great time!

  2. I am jealous that you get to go to Boston, even though you know I just came back from there- we can't get enough can we??!!!!!! My heart breaks for your friend- such times are most difficult to understand. What I do know is that girlfriend love is a healing salve and the best place to apply it would be in Boston: a place to rejuvenate you and a place currently in need of the same healing, girlfriend kind of love. :)

  3. Oh how fun! I hope the Lord blesses you two with a sweet time together.