Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rollin' with the Homies

Let's all try to forget that that movie came out over 16 years ago! Time flies!

Anywho... Annie is loving her wheelchair!

Annie took off immediately at the hospital like she'd been in the wheelchair her whole life. Nothing holds her back, let me tell ya! 

Late that evening we took her to her first trip to Walmart in her wheelchair-aka first trip to Walmart with independence! She was a handful! A 3 year old abusing their independence-does that surprise anyone? Lol Everyone stopped to stare, smile or cute she was. :) Who can blame them-it's the littlest wheelchair ever with the cutest driver. :)

She was so proud and was extra outgoing because of it. 2 men walked past her and said hi, and I thought she'd be shy/scared for sure.

men: hi
Annie: hi
Men: how are you
Annie: I'm good!

She would wheel down an aisle and say, "bye Mommy!" Miss Independent!

Wednesday I took her to the mall to give her a place to wheel around.
Annie was being a brat...I mean independent ;)...on her maiden voyage to the mall. She kept wheeling backward to get away from me, so I told her to go look at the cookies just to give her something to focus on. The guy at the cookie place asked what favorite cookie was-chocolate chip. Well he gave her a chocolate chip cookie and their new birthday cake cookie! For free! Being adorable in a wheelchair has its perks!

Later that day I let her wheel around the house and and she loved it! She loved it so much that she didn't want to get out to watch a movie. :)

I'm so happy she loves it so much!

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