Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Make a Wish

Whenever we think of the Make a Wish foundation, we think of children that are terminal and getting one last wish. Well, it's actually for any child with a life threatening condition. Annie has 3 life threatening conditions: Spina Bifida, hydrocephalus, and the darn cyst on her brain.

Since we've had her she's had 5 brain surgeries, been hospitalized 7 times, spent over 9 weeks in the hospital, has therapy 3 times a week, and has spent more time in and out of drs offices than Paul and I have in our lifetime, combined!

And that's not including her time before she came to us: premature birth, closing of her SB, first shunt placement, said shunt gets infected, battles infection for 2 months in the hospital alone until another surgery is performed, enters foster care where a loving therapist accidentally breaks both of her legs and her Achilles is cut at one point to try to help with her clubbed feet.

We see no end in sight for her surgeries...her cyst is still there but is communicating with her shunts. :) But we can't breath any sigh of relief until it is gone (and once it's gone, we'll still have to worry about shunt issues because of her hydrocephalus).

(not to mention her mobility and bathroom issues)

I will be contacting M.A.W.F. soon to set up her wish. We are taking her to Disney World for her 5th birthday, (a little more than a year and a half from now). For her Wish, I'll be asking for them to make her a princess for a day on her birthday-complete royal treatment. I'm thinking a special photo shoot before the park opens with her favorite princesses around the park/in front of the castle, maybe ride in the parade, have a dinner with her favorite characters alone (from the crowd), stay the night in Cinderella's castle, a shopping spree at the gift shop, not having to wait in any lines, prime seating at all shows, etc. We'll be paying for the trip, I just want M.A.W.F. to be able to provide for her wishes (my ideas will be impossible without their help-for instance, no amount of money can get you to stay in Cinderella's castle!).

My point to this post: what are some things that seem impossible that I could ask...like riding in Dumbo with Mickey, riding the Tea Cups with Fairy Godmother...do you have any good ideas? :)

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