Friday, October 1, 2010

Strollin' with the Hommies

Remember "Clueless" anyone? Brittany Murphy singing, "Rollin' with the hommies." lol

ANYWAY, ;) a few weeks ago I was at Babies R Us registering for Sweetpea's Shower, and I came across a REALLY cool stroller. It was a double and it was on sale. We were not sure if Nemo was going to be with us or not, so I didn't think to buy it. I did add it to my registry, or at least, I tried to. When I realized it wasn't on there, I ran back to add it and it was gone. I had NO idea what the brand was! I looked and looked online to find it and I had no luck. Long story short, I went back to Babies R Us a few times, finally asking for help. I was told a few possible brands and began my search online again. I was finally successful, and I began looking on Cragislist. After contacting over 6 people selling this with no response, I finally got lucky.
Bolt modeling his siblings' new stroller.
What is so cool about this stroller is that you can change the position of the seats. They can face each other, they can face away, they can both face forward or they can both face me. There is also an infant car seat attachment, and you can remove one seat all together to utilize more storage. The turning radius on this thing is amazing and it is SO easy to maneuver, even single handedly.

The reason I HAD to have this stroller is for the option that is shown in the pics. As I said in my post from yesterday, my kiddos LOVE each other. I thought this was just perfect for them. They can keep each other occupied just by looking at each other!

Eek!! I can't wait to go stollin' with my hommies, umm, I mean, babies! :)

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