Monday, October 11, 2010

All is Well

The past week was nothing short of an emotional roller coaster, but it was still good.

We got news on our babies, I remembered my sister, I got flack for posts on here, and I spent time with my babies and a sick hubby.

Thursday was particularly difficult. You see, I got flack for the blog posts recently that I posted about Truth on here. That is fine. I do not post stuff like that for my glory, but for God's.

Something else happened that day that blew that out of the water. After this happened I didn't even remember the drama my post caused.

I got a phone call from our agency saying they had a placement for us. Ok, well, we already have 2 babies we are working to get.

She said it was a newborn black baby girl born the day before.


Ok, I can handle three babies.

After begging Mr. Incredible to trust in my mommy skills, he agreed, and we ALMOST took her. Before I said yes, I asked if I could call her right back.

You see she needed an answer immediately.

I was about to say yes, and then I felt I needed to make one phone call first, (thank You, Holy Spirit). I called the babies' foster mom and told her the situation. She told me that by law I was only allowed 2 babies under 18mths under my roof at one time.

Ok, that solved the problem. It was still super hard turning away a newborn, but I had to do what was best for my family.


Now, I do believe I could handle that IF I had had the babies for their whole lives- you know, they were fully attached to me, and I was a pro at dealing with their special needs and all that that entails.

BUT they are barely attached to me, and I am just now really learning what I have to do to meet their needs.

I had temporarily lost my mind. Well, you know how guys think with their OTHER brain. Well, I have another brain too- my heart. I was thinking with that a little too much.

Please pray for that little girl. Pray that they find an adoptive family for her quickly. It breaks my heart to not have taken her.

BTW, if you are wondering about adoption, the cost, the waiting period, etc. Well, we are adopting through the state and I got a call 2 months after requesting a black baby girl 0-3 for a NEW BORN! IT happens people! If you ever want more info on adopting, please ask away!!

Something that makes it all better?

Spending time with my babies. We had Sweetpea on Saturday to continue the CPS appointed visits until she is permanently placed with us later this month. Nemo came by for a visit to scope out our place as well.
Little Nemo. Struggling to bend his knees in his jeans. ;) What is it about babies in jeans- SO CUTE!!!
I introduced them to their stroller and it was a hit!!!

Having both of them in the house at once made me realize how utterly crazy I was to think I could also handle a new born as well. I have two babies that I will have to load into the car, into the stroller, carry through stores, etc. How can I do that with three, when it is hard enough with two?

Sweetpea has to be held pretty much all the time. She is immobile. Nemo crawls all over the house, and is pulling up on furniture. I will have a toddler soon. BUT, when he is sad, he too needs to be held. I have two arms, I do not have 3.

I wish I could show you Nemo's face. He is painfully beautiful! Pray for termination soon on both babies, and then you can see their precious faces!

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