Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mildly Obsessed

I have been planning Sweetpea's first birthday for awhile now, and I am more than obsessed.

Oh, and before I get there- sorry my post was full of short blurbs- I was tired to say the least. :)

Anyway, her birthday party. Mark your calendars- it will be on December 4th.

Now, I need your help! WHO DO YOU INVITE??

After inviting my family and neighbors, the number is already up to 55, (if everyone from every family shows up).

Then of our friends, we are up to 50+, (if everyone from every family shows up).

So yeah, we could have over 100 people in our house if everyone showed up. Now from my experience, less than half will probably show. This happens to be in Dec where there are already so many Christmas parties, etc. And it is for a little girl's first birthday so many won't think it is important enough to attend, (ps I'm not bothered by this lol I'm just stating facts lol).

Do I take the risk and invite everyone, assuming a lot of people will not come? If not, who do I take off the list?

I KNOW it is her first birthday, but it is extra special to us. We will have just gotten her a few months prior ;), and she will just have received termination a few days prior. HUGE CELEBRATION. Also, I want her to look back and see what a celebration we had for her, even before she could remember it, and before she was officially adopted. This girl is special and deserves to know it.

I am planning things to do for the older kids, and I will be serving lunch, (finger foods- not like sit down lunch lol).

What are your thoughts?

Also, I need your help. For my game for the older kids, I am collecting toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Can you start saving some for me too?

Oh, and if we DO get Nemo, this will be a combined party- I may be crazy enough to throw a huge first birthday party, but I am not crazy enough to throw 2 in a row when they are born a month apart, (and when both birthdays fall in huge holiday months)! lol

Sorry for no pictures- all my plans are on lock down. ;) Unless you come over and I show them to you- you may not get me to shut up. ;)


  1. You should do the Winter ONE-derland theme! :)

  2. my kids always slept thru their first birthday parties (or cried the whole time)... if you want to make the party fun for those bringing their own kiddos, rent a small bouncy house. We've had success w/ Affordable Moonwalks. I would say DO NOT plan a lot of crafts n activities that involve you doing all the work b/c you may be holding a baby the entire time. less is more...:)

  3. Can't wait to see party pics! Wish we could be there!