Thursday, October 21, 2010

Final Farewell

I meant to post this yesterday, but we got caught up somewhere doing something that will shock most of you. Will post about that tomorrow. Maybe tonight. Depending on how badly you want to know. ;)

Yesterday was Woody's birthday and it was also the day we were "moving on" from them. When they were taken from us, we were told to give it a few months because they had hope that they might return to us.

We pretty much knew after 2 months that they would not be coming home, but we had agreed to wait for 3, so yesterday was our official goodbye day. We needed this closure.
I made a photobook of them in July, and I refused to purchase it until I knew they were not coming back. Well, I had free shipping a few weeks ago, so I ordered it earlier than I planned. It was supposed to come last week- it came yesterday. It was like God was giving me a hug and honoring our loss. :)

Speaking of final farewells- that something we did somewhere yesterday that would shock you- well I had to say farewell to my pride- there is a hint for ya. ;) More info to come with pictures! :)

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