Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Back" Again

Yes! Second day this week posting! ;)

So, I spent about 7 hours in bed yesterday with my BFF who is also on bed rest.

I feel perfect right now!!! Praise God!

I finally read up on healing back pain just now and it said to do a day or 2 on bed rest and then start stretching, etc. It said that you can get meds for this first week. I have been trying to heal it sans meds, and since yesterday marked the end of the first week, I think it seems to be healing nicely!

While I would rather not have a pulled back, and my BFF would rather not be severely preg sick, (like on IV sick), it is still hard not to cherish these times together just one on one. :)Here is Sweetpea- very proud of herself because she can feed herself. Since my back was hurting, I was VERY thankful she could feed herself! (and no, she is not on the chair like that- she is on my legs- 100% safe). :) {pic from my 2 year old phone that is hanging on for dear life}

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