Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swagger Wagon

So what was I up to yesterday?

I was buying a MINI VAN!!!

Yes, I had to majorly swallow my pride on this one- I was sooo embarrassed at even the thought of driving one.


I cannot tell you enough: if you have one child or more- you NEED a mini van!!!!! Seriously!

Now, they may not be the coolest things, but they are the most practical.

Yes, I know that July 08 I bought my Mommy car. Not too long ago.

Once we put a car seat and stroller in it, it became apparent that it was just too small. We worked it out to where we would brake even on this car- if we had to owe more we would not do it. It worked out- PRAISE GOD!!! You see, the thought of paying off the Journey, then turning around and buying ANOTHER car stressed me out. Now we don't have to worry about that! :)

Because of the money saved, (and miles- this has 22k miles less than our car did), I have found a love for my van. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we are so much closer to being debt free, (after this, the only debt we will have is the house), and that I know I have a very good, smart, economical, mommy car. :)
Sorry, it was night, and we already put it in the garage. But, you get the drift. :)
Years ago, I always said if I HAD to drive a minivan, I would ONLY drive the Chrysler/Dodge van. :) After doing research, we found this is the best one to buy. Mr. Incredible will elaborate on that later. :)
Bolt LOVES going bye bye in the car- no this was not set up. We opened it up to take pics and he jumped in. He went crazy smelling and exploring it. :)
I think he approves. :)
I love the little clock on the dash. :)

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