Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Faceless Child

November is Orphan/Adoption Awareness month!

Are you AWARE that there are close to 200,000,000 ORPHANS in the world, and if only 7% of the Church would ADOPT there would be no need for orphanages?

Are you AWARE that if every Church in Texas took in ONE foster child- there would be ZERO kids in Foster care?

Are you aware that you can make a huge impact in the life of an orphan?

You can adopt, foster, help fund someone's adoption or just pray pray pray. Click here to learn more.

I was speaking for the Fatherless Child, now meet my Faceless children:

I feel bad hiding their faces in this way, but I also feel bad not putting pics on this blog. If I don't do this, I won't have anything to blog about for quite awhile, (well, hopefully just one more month). :)October 29th, Sweetpea's Gotcha Day. She was watching her Aunt Taylor perform at halftime.
October 30th, we went to a pumpkin patch and got some really cute pics! I must retract a statement I made on here a few weeks ago about Halloween. I have never had a problem really with Halloween. Mr. Incredible never celebrated it, so we decided not to, (I never had a problem with it, but I never really cared for it either so I didn't fight for it). Well, we do a Halloween outreach carnival type thing with our Church. Mr. Incredible was ok with that, so I asked if they could dress up on other Halloweens as long as we stick with the church carnival circuits. He said yes. So we do kinda celebrate Halloween. :) Here are my monsters, (I didn't want to spend money on real costumes till they are old enough to play dress up in them- you know get more than a few hours use out of them). :) {I also liked these outfits cause once they outgrow them I can make something out of them for their bathroom} Oh, and obviously Nemo came for a visit. :)
The other day I got the CUTEST pic ever of Sweetpea, but I can't show you it fully. :/ We were at Aunt Elise's house, (my BFF who is super sick and prego). We are there pretty much everyday. :)
This weekend it got pretty cold. Living in Texas you get used to wacky weather. The week it was in the 90s then that weekend dropped drastically- like 60s in the day (high 30s/low 40s overnight). You know that eventually it will get warm again so you don't put the heat on until winter really hits, (read late December if we're lucky). Well, we learned very quickly that that rule does not apply if you have a baby in the house. You HAVE to use heat or you will have an icicle baby. I felt so so so bad. So, I took her out of bed and wrapped her in her blanket till I fixed her bottle. Oops! Sorry my little Baby Burrito!
Sorry Mr. Incredible, I seemed to have caught you off guard. I was trying to get a pic of Sweetpea's Shades! Aren't they hysterical? Unfortunately since it is fall, stores think that you do not need shades anymore- apparently it is only sunny in summer?? So, I had to find these BOY sunglasses on sale. Bummer. Oh well, she does need glasses cause she is super sensitive to the light- she gets that from me- I have to wear sunglasses pretty much at all times. :)

I hope these few pics will hold you over for awhile. At least you know that there really is a baby in our lives keeping me busy! :) If I could show her face, I would be blogging everyday. :)

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