Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back to Basics

Ok, last "back" joke I promise! ;)

Since my back left me being able to barely walk without being in pain- I was able to get zero to no projects done, (well except caring for our Sweetpea and my BFF). :)

Sweetpea's birthday party is going to be THIS Saturday! I have been planning this party for months, and now I am in a little time crunch! I am having to play catch up for the party and for my house in general. Any movement at all hurt me, and I wanted to heal sans medicine so I had no choice but to take it easy. Since I had Sweetpea, I couldn't rest as much as I liked. Changing her diaper and buckling her car seat were the most painful things I had to do. So, little things like LAUNDRY haven't been done in over a month. Now, we DO have clean clothes, they have just been piling and piling up on our living room couch. :)

I would say my back is 98% healed, (I bet I am still not in of the clear but I am not in pain all day and some days I have zero pain!). Back to work Mama! Do you remember how I was going decorate our room in a Boston theme? Haven't. Even. Started. The week I was going to start was the week I pulled my back. I would like our room completed for her party.

So, this week I have to:
  • clean the house
  • clean our room
  • paint our room
  • decorate our room
  • finish party decor
  • put up party decor
  • make party food
  • make birthday cake
  • finish misc projects that have made their home on our dining room table
  • be a wife
  • take care of a 11 month old
Just to name a few. And not in that order necessarily. ;)

Now, if you think I am crazy- let me comfort you- my room really is last on my list. SO, if I get too bogged down with all that, you may come to house on Sat and see a sign on our bedroom door that reads, "Under Construction." Just warning you. :)

Ok, to start off my to do list, I completed a few projects that will no longer reside on our dining room table, (though they have a few room mates that need to be completed as well). :)
Frames for Sweetpea's room...
My favorite! :) If I would have thought it through better, I would have covered the purple and showed the blue- oh well...
Once again, I should have thought it through better- giraffes on their sides. Oh well, still cute, right? :)
I bought these cookie ornaments forever ago. Ready for the playroom. :) This project is also imperfect, BUT I PROMISE it looks better and closer to perfect in person! :)
My ever faithful sidekick, keeping me company tonight while Mr. Incredible practices his sermon for tomorrow. {Praying for you Babe, I know you will do great! I'm so proud of you!}

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