Saturday, October 8, 2011

Feed the Animals

I'm sure these pics will be all out of order...thanks phone!

Yesterday we walked Hermann Park for the first time and discovered the Japanese Garden. Loved it! I also really enjoyed the "wildlife."

We walked in and saw the fattest little squirrel that was missing a tail. He let us get really close to him so I reached out my hand like I had something and he approached me! I started frantically searching for food and found some puffs. He loved them!

Every squirrel I passed I fed and it was a blast!

Later I fed the ducks too. One duck, (the black one), was the most peculiar duck I have ever met. First I noticed his little mohawk. :) I named him Puck. ;) Y'all, if I let him, I think he would have come home with me. He was more interested in me than the food, (which he ate after we left).

I have been surrounded by God's creatures this past week. It started with the countless bunnies at Oyster Creek Park last week, (pics to come), the post from the 6th and now this post. I could live without the snakes, but I love all the other animals we passed and played with. :)

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