Monday, October 17, 2011

MTCM: How Do You...

Today has been 3 weeks, and I have lost 10 pounds so far! :)

I get many questions about how I am losing the weight.

First of all, the book Made to Crave! This is the biggest encouragement on my journey- it keeps me focused as to WHY I am doing this.

Next, and almost equally as important- I have a free app called "Lose It." Download it NOW! You put in your weight, etc and how much you want to lose and it does the rest for you! This app is what will allow me to continue and not "forget" what I am doing.

I work out everyday- mostly just walking. Lots of walking. I also do Tae Bo with Mr. Incredible.

Have you decided to join me? I would love to hear your stories and add you to my prayer list. :)


  1. I have Lose It on my phone and absolutely love it! It helps me because I have a snacking problem and this way I am more aware of how much those little snacks add up! I'm super proud of you for losing 10 pounds in 3 weeks! I'm thinking about getting the book to read!

  2. Congrats on losing 10 pounds! I read your post last week and went and bought the book Wednedsay and started my journey Thursday! I decided to weigh myself once a week. I love the book!

  3. Wow! Great job! I've heard really good things about the book...