Monday, October 31, 2011

MTCM: Perserverance

5 weeks: 14 pounds.

Friday October 22, I finally dropped a pound which I referenced last week.

That Tuesday I dropped another pound, then another pound, then another! Well, my last pound I think I lost on Friday before we headed out of town cause I had Mr. Incredible confirm the number.

After a frustrated week or two, I finally was back to regular weight loss. 3 pounds in one week, not bad.

I wasn't able to work out since last Tuesday, and I went out of town. I kept up with my Lose It app, but I was still worried my scale this morning would be mean to me, (not to mention Aunt Flow will be officially be in town by tonight).

Well, I was the exact weight as when I left on Friday! Wahoo! Praise God! I persevered and it was all worth it! Link

This pic is from my phone and it may be hard to see... in Dallas there is a place called Brahms that has THE BEST banana splits! I HAVE to get on every time I go since we do not have them here. Well, they are LOADED with calories! I could NOT justify getting one! Well, we went and I got this small version- 1 scoop as apposed to 3, and much less hot fudge, nuts and bananas. I had enough calories to eat this and I must say, it never tasted better! I was staying within my goals and was able to indulge in a treat! Definitely a huge step towards defeating gluttony forever! Praise Jesus!


  1. I love your Reference to Braum's! I think I can thank my first year of living in Oklahoma across the street from Braum's for no joke at least fifteen pounds. We would watch movies on Friday as a family twice a month and I would get a sundae from there! So good but so bad at the same time! So now I just steal a bite or get a mini non fat yogurt!