Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Made to Crave

I have a confession to make. While we are all sinners, (Romans 3:23), and those of us saved by Jesus are forgiven of our sins, that does not mean we will never sin again. The Holy Spirit daily aids us in our turning away from sinning and turning us to holiness.

Most sinning that occurs is something "little" that we are working on, but not necessarily struggling with. For instance, you say a curse word. "Oops! Sorry God! Please help me to stop this!" You go another year without cursing then you slip up. You see, the sin is not a huge struggle, but it is something you work on.

Then you hear of someone, say having an affair. That is blatantly indulging in their sin! What redeemed, forgiven, saved Christian could blatantly indulge in their sin? They must not be saved!

Well, I am no better than that person! God revealed to me awhile back about a sin in my life that I was indulging in and I have been struggling with it ever since.


Really, gluttony? I compare gluttony to adultery and it is the same thing?

Yes, to God it is! You see, I am indulging in a sin, even though I know it is wrong!

Now, I have tried to stop it, but not hard enough.

Then I heard of this book:
I knew it would be perfect for me. This, along with daily quiet time and prayer, would help me in killing my sin once and for all.

I am half way through with the book and it is wonderful. When I am done I will be rereading it. And rereading it. And rereading it.

Obviously understanding the severity of my sin was not enough to overcome it, so why would reading this book once be enough? I am fighting more than just my flesh here, I am fighting satan himself! I need to bring in the heavy artillery and this book has been officially added to my arsenal!

Last Monday I began reading this book, as well as a diet/exercise routine. I even took before pics, which I will gain the courage to post those on here eventually!

So far I have lost 6 pounds! 6 pounds in 8 days, (today is number 8)!

{I am eating a healthy amount of calories along with exercise- no starving here. I am not cutting specific foods out of my diet- I am eating normal foods in moderation and along with exercise it is doing the trick}

Now, I am not doing this to look good, as I would have wanted to do in the past. I am doing this first and foremost for God's glory, then my health, then my mirror. Totally different from most of the times in the past: mirror then health and God wasn't even a part of it.

I want to kill this sin forever! That is why I am writing this today! I need y'all, dear readers, to join me as accountability partners. Knowing this is more than a diet, but a God glorifying lifestyle change, where I sin no more!

Prayers and random check ins are greatly appreciated! I will be posting often on how I am doing!

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31


  1. That is wonderful Tricia! I will work with you I am guilty of the same, I'll work with you! Your always such a great inspiration I'm so glad to have such a great friend. I have to get that book too I would love to read it!