Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's Goin' On

-We got free dinner last night because it took a long time to get our food, and by the time our food came mine was wrong. By the time it came, everyone was done eating. I figured they'd comp my food, but they comped all of our food!

Also, Annie choked, like truly choked, on her cheeseburger. Thankfully right when I was about to take action, she threw up and got it out. I've been certified in CPR at least 5 times and I still felt lost and unsure what I needed to do, (which is why I'm thankful she threw up). I'm still blown away and so thankful that I didn't have to perform the Heimlich!

-I never thought I'd say this, but I love doing the dishes now that Annie loves to help me! Just think of how she'll improve as a helper when her wheelchair comes in (any day now). She took out a plate and I took too long to take it and she said, "please can you take the plate." I apologized and she said, "no, you say, 'sure I can!'" She makes every aspect of life a pure joy!

-Playing... Notice her doc mcstuffins in a wheelchair. ;) Also, she picked up her wedding day Cinderella and held her while scooting with one hand across the floor. :) nothing holds her back! She also is seen "driving her car" as she says with her bff, China Girl.

Annie is in love with Captain America...and no its not just because there is a big A on the helmet. ;) we're didn't buy this, but we did buy her a Captain America book-she was quite excited! Lol

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  1. What a precious little girl! I miss y'all!!!