Tuesday, March 19, 2013

School House Rock

I still plan on homeschooling Annie. However, Annie's OT believes, (and I agree), Annie would benefit from a structured setting for awhile to teach her to be a little more compliant-little miss independent! Yesterday I started looking for a for half day program, (I refuse to be away from her all day!).

I found a great half day program, but they wouldn't accept children who weren't potty trained. While I understand this, Annie is a special case. She physically can't potty train-they HAVE to make exceptions.
I almost cried! I mean seriously, schools can't make exceptions for special needs kids?! She was like, "well you have until September to get her potty trained. You can talk to your doctor." Oh gee, you know, I've never talked to him before about this. Maybe I'm just being a lazy Mom and need his guidance. Give me a freaking break! I told her that Annie's brain is all ready to potty train, but if she ever does potty train, she won't be able to for a few years.  Ugh

I called countless schools and either they had an issue with potty training or it was too far/too pricey. I was defeated by the night.

Today I met with a local Christian preschool that was willing to allow Annie even with the potty training issues. The director seemed super sweet and was open to letting Annie in...she just kept getting hung up on her "special needs," and recommended sending her to the public school special Ed program. No thank you, (besides being an all day program, Annie does not need a special needs program!).

Thankfully she met with us and realized Annie would do just fine at her school. As far as curriculum, etc, this school may not be my first choice, but it allows Annie to attend, it goes 5 days a week from 9-11:30, goes over the summer and its 5 minutes from our home. Sounds perfect to me!

I'm not sure how long I'll keep her in school...we'll just play it by ear and one day we'll pull her out and start full time homeschooling again. :)

Annie and I got dressed up for our meeting to ensure we'd be allowed to attend, (didn't want any hindrances). ;) I'm mean, with her looking this pretty, who could say no, right? ;)


  1. There isn't a PPCD (preschool programs for children with disabilities) program there? That's what I teach and it's a half day program.

  2. Clearly didnt read all the way through before posting! I have children of all abilities and they are all very loved at school!

  3. That's great Tricia! I'm glad you found a place. A lot of people just don't understand. What are you going to do with all that time? 5 days a week? Wow! It's like a whole new life for you!