Sunday, March 10, 2013

China Girl

China Girl is a character in the new Oz movie.

Oz starts like the original: Kansas in sepia. In Kansas you meet a girl in a wheelchair...we'll leave it there. In Oz, Oz meets a China Girl who is absolutely adorable and fragile (being made of China of course).

Just like the original Oz, some people from Kansas reappear in Oz... the girl in the wheel chair and China Girl are one in the same. :)

I am in love with China Girl since I an the mother of China Girl. :)

I mean, come on...
-a girl in a wheelchair
-as a doll: broken, fragile and little, but she was able to do big things
-also, she was an orphan who in the end ends up with a family. :)

When you see Oz, think of Annie as China Girl. The resemblance it's uncanny. ;) Definitely will be buying every piece of China Doll merchandise. ;)

(images via my pin boards...don't have time/ability to link them at the moment)

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