Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Controversial Marriage Stance

I've been wanting to share this for so long, but I know I'm going to tick of both sides of the argument.

I ask you now to not let your emotions get in your way. Read this all the way through-all of it- then read it again before you comment on this post. Regardless of what you think of what I've said, please respond kindly. I'll delete nasty comments, (from either side).

Also I'd like to say, that anyone that has a differing view point is immediately seen as hateful. You labeling me, (or others like me as hateful) is judgmental. Yes, there are plenty of people who claim to be Christian, and claim that is why they are against gay marriage. If they're being hateful-truly hateful-most likely they are not truly Christan. As I've said, read what they're saying. Really read it before you call someone hateful. You may not like what they have to say, but that doesn't mean they are being hateful.

Before I get to the marriage debate, I'm going to start out with something my homosexual friends won't like, but read the whole post please! It is all important!

Homosexuality is a sin. There is truly no way around this. But do you know what else is a sin? Sex before marriage, watching pornography, lust, cussing, need I go on? The Bible says that "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God," (paraphrased Romans 3:23) and, "the wages of sin is death." (paraphrased Romans 6:23).

Still aren't convinced? Did you know lying is a sin? Every.single.person. that has ever lived has told a lie. SO, that means every.single.person. that has ever lived, has sinned and is worthy of hell and is unworthy of heaven. Yikes, right?! That's what's so amazing about Jesus! When He died on the cross, He took on our sins! He that knew no sin suffered Hell, so that we wouldn't have to! When He rose from the dead, He proved that He is God and was successful in paying our debt-allowing us sinners a ticket into heaven. No matter how "good" of a person you think you are, you will never be good enough for heaven. That one lie, (not including the countless other sins you've committed), has you on a one way street to hell. When you trust that Jesus is the only way to heaven, you trust Him alone for salvation, then you can go to heaven! I'd love to talk to you more about this! Ask away!

Now that that's said, let's get to the marriage debate!

Most of the republicans are against gay marriage. Even more conservatives are against it. I do not consider myself a republican, but I will say I'm conservative. Most republicans/conservatives don't really understand conservatism. It is about how you interpret the constitution-(conservatively), and it's about small government.

As a conservative, I do not think the government should be involved in marriage at all. What's to stop a politician from saying a marriage between two Christians is illegal? So, politically I think gay marriage should be legalized.

But as a Christian, I believe in the sanctity of marriage. So fellow Christians, let me ask you this: when two true believers marry they are making a covenant with God-marriage as God intended it. What about two unbelievers? Two atheists? What about common law marriage? They are not making a covenant with God! Why are they allowed to marry?!

You see, gay marriage is not what's hurting the sanctity of marriage. Legal marriage as we know it is not biblical marriage.

Also, do you know what is RUINING the sanctity of marriage? DIVORCE

What I propose, is allow everyone to legally marry (through the state, as it is now). But the church needs to step up and create, if you will, a marriage of its own. If two Christians want to make a covenant with God, they go through the church, and apply for "Biblical Marriage." (so they'd have their state marriage license and a church marriage license) Because of separation of church and state, pastors are allowed to turn anyone away without being labeled as discriminatory. Those Christians who are "Biblically Married" must go through the church for divorce as well. The Bible is very clear on divorce, and the church should be fighting against it. "Biblical Marriage" would be very hard to terminate.

So, we'd have everyone marrying legally, and able to legally divorce, but the church would have special marriage- where the church holds it's people to higher, Goldy, biblical standards.

I mean really, what's the difference between two straight atheists married and two men married? Nothing. Both marriages are not what God intended marriage to be, but one is legal.

The state should allow anyone to marry, and the church should be able to say yes/no and have a say in divorce as well. If you've agreed to a "Biblical Marriage" you've agreed to a biblical divorce proceeding as well (which would be extremely counseled and difficult).

Thus truly protecting the sanctity of marriage.

Let me say one more thing before I end my post. I understand the feelings of the homosexual community not being able to marry. I know being homosexual opens you up to hatreds etc. I'm sympathetic to that and will be the first to stand up for you if I hear that trash.

But, I do not appreciate the fight for same sex marriage being compared to the civil rights movement. Those poor people were discriminated against and hated in ways the homosexual community couldn't even dream of. (none of us really can). Please don't think I'm putting down your suffering, some people are undeniably awful! But it is not even close to the civil rights plight. Please don't compare the two!

All that I've said has been in love and respectfully written. Please reply likewise.


  1. What about two unbelievers? Two atheists? What about common law marriage? They are not making a covenant with God! Why are they allowed to marry?!

    True. I'm legally married, tax breaks and all.

  2. That's my point exactly! I made that point to say if we keep gay marriage illegal, then all other forms mentioned should be illegal too since they go against marriage of the Bible. Since those marriages are legal, so should gay marriage be legal.

  3. Now I know what childhood religious indoctrination looks like all grown up. I don’t see what makes you think you are qualified to speak to what levels of violence, discrimination, or intolerance the homosexual community goes through. Violence against homosexuals has been well documented and I find it slightly ironic given your religious philosophy the greatest volume reported is in the good ole Christian bible belt of the south. Where do you think the majority of violence was purported during the struggle for civil rights?

    The bible says a lot of things and not very clearly. I fail to see Christians up in arms at rallies again divorce and the eating of shellfish. You, as most Christians, cherry pick your morality from the bible while ignoring all the ludicrous and nonsensical examples of genocide, murder and human sacrifice. I couldn’t imagine a less moral framework. Luckily, there is no law in America against stupidly, so you are free to believe what you want. It should not however be institutionalized and enshrined in the laws that guide this land per the establishment clause of the constitution. I agree with you the government should not be involved in the business of marriage. The government just happens to call it marriage, which seems to be a semantical issue for you. Homosexuals are simply seeking the same legal standing as heterosexual couples and I see no reason other than Christian mythology and other religious dogma to deny them that right.

  4. if you read my post, you'd have seen that I mentioned that one lie is enough to send anyone to hell. That means everyone is sinner. sin is sin period. I'm a sinner, everyone is a sinner.

    Your comment is full of judgment of me, that's for sure. Do you know when I became a Christian? No, you do not. A mere 10 years ago. And if I was a blind as you claim, I would have I'm no way shown my support of gay marriage, (which as I said, I think out shoul be legalized).

    I did not deny, and I actually acknowledged the sufferings of the gay community. But you forget, the atrocities they've endured were never legal where the black community dealt with things that were legal. I still stand by my saying its very different.

  5. I thought this was very well worded and thought provoking. I didn't detect an ounce of "hate" or "intolerance" so I am confused by how some people are getting so offended by your opinion. I think most people can agree with your points regardless of religion...with the divorce rate so high, who are we to say who can and can't get married?

  6. I basically feel exactly the same way, however I would prefer the state issue some other form of license (civil union, domestic union, etc) & leave the holy matrimony exclusively to the church. If that means trading in my own marriage license, where do I turn it in?