Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby Blue

We have taken Annie's pictures in bluebonnets 3 times now. I love bluebonnets, (only second to snow). :) Bluebonnets are usually done by mid April, but these are baby bluebonnets, (you will see pics from last year from almost the exact same day where the bluebonnets are much fuller). I assumed we'd miss them if we waited a few more weeks, but we will be trying to get more shots since they are still babies, (maybe this area had a colder winter than last?). :)
Baby Bluebonnets, but most definitely still worth it!
I brought her dress that she wore in her bluebonnet pics in 2011- almost 16 months. Like the rest of her wardrobe, she is finally out growing it! She is in the middle of a growth spurt! She may surpass 25 lbs soon! lol
Also, this is the same location as last year- almost 28 months.
This year she is almost 40 months.

 Notice the butterfly I caught flying above her head? :)

 2011 and 2013

 Is this not one of the most amazing pics of all time?!

 2012- note the similar look/feel as the above pic. Also note how much fuller/taller these bluebonnets were.



 We had her do Kissy Lips above to match this pic from 2012
 In 2011, she had just discovered her tongue and chose to pose with it, (making for some really cute pics!). Paul had her recreate it here :)
 Same dress, different flowers. Same tongue, different years. :)
 and another because she is so cute. :) and I won't pretend that seeing these baby pics don't make me want to curl up in a ball and sob- TIME GOES TO FAST!
 I loved the yellow wild flowers that were there too!


 Driving home, she held her flower the whole time, (and smelled it too!). She loves her flowers!
And for memories sake, here are two more shots of her from 2011 in this same dress:

This will forever be one of my all time favorite pics! The petals were already there :) Everything about this pic is just perfect.:)

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I sure wish I could exchange all our white stuff for your beautiful blues :-)!