Monday, March 25, 2013

SOYO School Saga

SOYO... She's Only Young Once

First of all, I had zero desire to put Annie in school- I plan to homeschool.

We only have Annie another 16 years until she leaves for college.  Time files so quickly. 16 years will pass in a blink.

And sorry to get morbid- (but after losing my sister 6.5 years ago I've been forever changed and I learned how quickly life can change)- but we're not promised tomorrow. Anything could happen that could take Annie at a young age. This reality is never far from my mind and I cherish every second I have with her!

So when Annie's therapist recommended MDO/pre school I agreed but dreaded it. I don't want to spend anytime away from her, but I was willing to do what was best for Annie.

Then I found myself fighting schools to accept Annie even though I had no desire to enroll her! I've already mentioned how she was discriminated against because she couldn't potty train. I even looked into the public special needs program- besides the fact that Annie does not need to be in a special needs program, it's all day. As I said, I'm having a hard enough time letting her go half day, there's no way I'm letting her go full day.

Then she was accepted by a school, but it didn't just feel right. We then decided to send Annie to her amazing PT's children's school. It was quite pricey, but it was the best school we found.

Like I said, we were about to fork over a good chunk of change, to send her to school-something we had no desire to do! But we needed to do what was best for Annie.

Then last week Annie did a hand stand. Yes, you read that right, a hand stand! My little special needs angel can do hand stands! NOTHING holds her back!

So I thought about gymnastics! I googled gymnastics and the nearest city, and the third suggestion was a special needs gymnastics program!

Total God thing!

Today Annie and I visited the gymnastics place as well as a dance studio. The dance studio was not for special needs, but she happily allowed Annie into her class.


Annie still gets the direction she needs without having to attend school. And Annie loves music/dance and will have a blast in gymnastics! I am beyond giddy!!

Praise God for providing exactly what we needed! SOYO


  1. That is such a great praise report of God's wonderful provision!