Friday, March 1, 2013

Silly Sleeper

So I've been feeling terrible over the last few days. Tuesday the fever hit-my entire body ached and I was dizzy when I stood. Wednesday I felt a little better and felt on the mend. Yesterday the fever was back with a vengeance...still had a fever even after taking a fever reducer. :/

I think (hope) the fever has broken and I'm officially on the mend! I feel pretty weak, but at least I don't have a fever. (our at least the meds are keeping the fever away) I avoid taking meds unless I truly need to. Well, I do truly need to right now... I have so many meds in my system right now. :/

When Annie came down with it last week, I let her sleep with us. Wednesday she finally started acting like herself, asking to play and everything, (doesn't exactly help me btw lol). She's still been sleeping with us though for my convenience so I don't have to cross the house, (cause if I did, I'd have to crawl lol).

Last night I found her sleeping upside down. I posted 2 pics, one is really dark, but look closely... Lol

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