Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Neurosurgery Follow Up

We met with Annie's neurosurgeon today and got great news!
Annie's cyst was about the size of a grapefruit and took up about half of her skull.  Now it is maybe about the size of a golf ball.
Even better news... it is draining fairly quickly. This is what may have caused her episode in Boston! Still could have been a seizure, but it is looking more likely that it was one of these episodes.  He told us that these episodes are common for kiddos like Annie, especially when the drainage is quick! 
Now I know what to look for and how to better decide if an ER visit is in order, (but really, if she's ever lethargic we're gonna need to just take her. But now I'll know when we're on vacay how imperative, or not, an er visit will be).
Which brings me to the next bit of good news. We are cleared to travel and live life as normal. He sees no reason to hold her back from anything- including head handstands! ;) She's clear to do anything and everything!
I've been overcome with fear/anxiety lately just waiting for her to need another surgery. Today I feel such relief! Obviously, the cyst could grow/have any complications at anytime, (not to mention we could have complications with her shunt or hydrocephalus), but I do not have to feel like she is a ticking time bomb like I have been. 
 I no longer have to be on edge, just alert! :) Such an answer to pray! Thanks for praying for our angel!

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